HSF-India Trainee onboarding

Welcome to HSF-India! Congratulations on your acceptance into the HSF-India Trainee and Fellows Program. We look forward to your contribution and collaboration.

There are some additional items needed to complete the onboarding process.

Payment Information

You need to fill out a Payee Management Form in order to receive payment.

For tax purposes, we need you to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you a US citizen/permanent resident?
  2. Will you be physically located in the United States or your home country for the duration of the project?

Please complete and attach the appropriate form and answer the two questions above in an email message to rsc-inquires@googlegroups.com.

HSF-India Web Site

Additionally, we also would like to add you to our webpage:


Follow the directions found here to create a markdown file for your page:


More specifically, the values outlined in our Code of Conduct applies equally to all community members in all institute situations online and offline. As HSF-India members, we expect everyone to be stewards of these values as well.