Open Science

Overview: Particle physics has pursued open science for decades. CERN developed the first web server in part to permit sharing of preprints of papers, and the first server instance in the U.S. (in 1991) was at SLAC, a particle physics lab. Today this is usually understood as enabling reproducibility and reinterpretation of results & reuse of software and data. IRIS-HEP and its European collaborators at CERN and in the UK have been pursuing software elements to support this, e.g. pyhf is being used to publish likelihoods for physics results into HEPData, a repository for publication-related data. The CERN open data portal and Zenodo provide data and example software from the LHC and beyond (including COVID-related data).

This is a broad and still developing area of research. We are looking for interested researchers (both potential mentors and potential students) on cross-experimental topics around software including:

  • Open dataset development
  • Analysis reproducibility
  • Result reinterpretation