Information on travel to Princeton University

General Notes

General information about traveling to and visiting Princeton University can be found on the “visiting campus” webpages.

Travel by Train

From Newark Liberty International (EWR) airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and from many other locations along the east coast (e.g. Boston, NYC, Washington DC and Baltimore), it is possible to travel to Princeton by train. Note that there are two train stations you will need to know:

If you are coming from EWR, Trenton or NYC Penn Station, you should buy a New Jersey Transit ticket through to Princeton Station. You will then need to take a train to Princeton Junction train station (check that your particular train stops there!), get off at Princeton Junction train station and take the “Dinky” from Princeton Junction train station to Princeton train station.

If you are coming on Amtrak, most trains do not stop at Princeton Junction (with only a few exceptions, see the Amtrak website). You will need to take Amtrak to Newark or Trenton and then switch to New Jersey Transit, as above, to arrive to Princeton Station on campus.

Travel by Air

The closest and most convenient airport to come to Princeton is Newark Liberty International (EWR). Most participants will find that the best solution for domestic flights within the US. This is the recommended airport unless the cost is significantly higher than other alternatives. From there it is convenient to take the train as described above.

Another option is flying into John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or LaGuardia International Airport (LGA) at the cost of additional travel time. From JFK, the easiest is probably to the Airtrain to Jamaica Station and then take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) or to New York Penn Station. Alternatively there is the subway or a bus (NYC Airporter with service from JFK to NYC Penn Station. From NYC Penn Station, you can take the train to Princeton as described above.

From a small number of locations it may also be possible to fly to Trenton-Mercer Airport. Getting from there to the Princeton campus is more complicated and involves buses and/or going to the train station in Trenton and taking New Jersey Transit trains, as above.

In general long distance taxis will be costly and should be avoided. Uber and Lyft should be possible on and around the Princeton campus (incl. Princeton Junction train station) at a modest price.

Local Princeton Information

Accommodation -

  • Nassau Inn - Large hotel located in Palmer Square, just across Nassau Street from campus. (Walking distance.)
  • Peacock Inn - Small hotel within walking distance of campus.
  • Still to add: hotels on Route 1.

Important Phone Numbers / Public Safety

For emergencies:

  • From Campus Phone: 911
  • From Cell Phone: (609) 258-3333


  • (609) 258-1000

Parking on campus

In general a car is not needed within Princeton itself, since all of the venues for the school (dorm, lecture venue, receptions, etc.) and relevant local businesses (see below) are within walking distance of one another once one has arrived on campus.

If you will need to park a car on campus, please contact your Princeton host for specific and up-to-date information on which parking lots can be used and how to register. (As of 2022, this is evolving due to construction work on campus.)

WiFi on Campus

You should be able to connect to “eduroam” from most places on campus. There is also a “PUVisitor” network which should be openly accessible.

On-Campus Food

There are many nearby locations where food is available with the closest being WAWA, located next to the Princeton Train Station and open 24 hours, and University Store, located 36 University Place, which features snacks, souvenirs, laundry detergent, toiletries and a pharmacy and open from 9 AM - 9 PM. Both are within five minutes walking distance from the dorm.

Access to Campus Gym Facilities

Access by visitors to campus gym facilities (Dillon Gym) is possible. Gym passes are available for $5 each (at the participant’s own expense) at the office of the Princeton Conference and Event Services at 71 University Place. The office is open from 9:00am through 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Restaurants, Coffeeshops, Bars and Stores

There are a number of restaurants, coffeeshops, bars and stores along Nassau St. or along the streets on the other side of Nassau St. from campus.

Sites of Interest in Princeton

Two sites of interest for physicists in Princeton are:

Additional things of touristic or historical interest can be found in the “Points of Interest” section on the Princeton, NJ, Wikipedia page.

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