Researcher exchanges

The HSF-India project aims to promote the development of international research software collaborations in physics by providing opportunities for early career researchers (senior PhD students, postdocs, young faculty/staff) to establish an extended research exchange (e.g., 1-3 months) to work with other experts in particle physics, nuclear physics and astroparticle physics communities as well as from the Computational/Data Science community. These research exchanges aim to achieve specific software deliverables and foster a longer term research collaboration. Our team has experienced first hand how these short changes can impact research outcomes and careers long term.


The following exchanges are eligible:

  • A researcher based in India (e.g., employed by an institution in India) to work for 1-3 months with a US-based researcher (including researchers at CERN affiliated with a US institution)
  • A researcher based in USA to work for 1-3 months with an India-based researcher

Support offered for accepted applications

  • Up to three months reasonable support for local costs. These will vary depending on location. Please estimate the needs for your project in application. Talk to us for guidance in case of doubt.
  • Transportation to/from research exchange location
  • Travel support for mentor reverse visit at end of research exchange period


  • We review applications quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1) and are receptive to applications at any time.
  • In most cases both the required visa arrangement and housing take time to arrange. Please allow for at least one month of review/approval time in addition to the time needed for these arrangements. We can help you and your host with any accumulated knowledge we have on logistics from our personal experience as well as other exchanges.

Application format

  • The application should be a joint proposal from both involved researchers and should be supported by both research groups.
  • Needed components
    • CV of each researcher
    • Project statement including high-level science goals and need
    • Summary of local support infrastructure for visiting researcher
    • Estimated budget need, any timing constraints, etc

Acceptance criteria

  • Alignment with HSF-India science goals
  • Prospects for longer-term collaboration enabled by research exchange
  • Research software developed as part of the research exchange