Acknowledgement of HSF-India support in publications and conference proceedings

It is important that funding support from HSF-India is acknowledged in all publications and conference proceedings which result from that funding. The following text should be used:

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under grant OISE-2201990.

Suitable variations to also acknowledge other sources of support are of course acceptable, but the specific NSF award number (OISE-2201990) for HSF-India must be included.

Referencing HSF-India in Publications

If you need to reference/cite the HSF-India project in a Publication (independent from the required acknowledgement of funding support as described above) you have several non-exclusive choices: you can reference the NSF award number as above (OISE-2201990), you can reference the website: The BibTex entries for this would be:

  howpublished = "\url{}",
  title        = "{HSF-India project website}",

Use of arXiv for conference proceedings

When publications intended for inclusion in conference proceedings are submitted to the conference, they should also be submitted as a preprint to the arXiv. Given the typically very long latencies for official proceedings to appear, publishing a preprint early on the arXiv allows them to be referenced and read soon after the conference. Subsequent revisions due (for example) to feedback from referees of the conference proceedings should also be uploaded to the arXiv as new versions of the original submission.