How to add a publication to the HSF-India website

We would like each HSF-India related presentation to be listed on the website. This will be useful for advertising your work and (more mundane) reporting.


This is easiest if you have your paper’s inspire ID, which we will assume for the purpose of this tutorial is 12345678. Make a new yaml file in _data/publications - you can click the new file button or click here. Name your file ID.yml; in our example, it would be 12345678.yml The contents of the file should look like this:

inspire-id: 12345678
project: some-project

To find your inspire ID:

The fields are:

  • inspire-id: The ID of your paper. The other required fields in a general publication are filled out automatically from this
  • project: Either a single project or a list of projects. Optional if your publication is not connected to any projects.
  • focus-area: Either a single focus area or a list. Looked up from project if not given.

A more complicated example:

inspire-id: 12345678
- some-project
- another-project
focus-area:        # Only needed if the list above doesn't look up the right areas!
- as
- ia


If you want to put a publication in that is not in Inspire, these are the required fields. For an inspire-based publication, you can still override the defaults by specifying any of these fields, as well.

title: My fantastic publication
date: 2018-12-10
citation: D. Lange et. al., Nature *10* 100 (2018)
focus-area: ia
project: some-project

Want to test locally before making a pull request? This should work.

Get help: Reach out on the Slack website channel or contact David Lange.