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Arantza Oyanguren Campos

Instituto de FĂ­sica Corpuscular (IFIC), University of Valencia



She is professor at the University of Valencia (Spain) and IFIC team leader of the LHCb experiment at CERN. She is expert on heavy flavor physics and has worked previously in DELPHI, BaBar and Belle II experiments, both in hardware and physics analyses. She has a strong interest on the use of new hardware architectures and artificial intelligence for HEP, in particular for trigger systems. She coordinated the hardware accelerators WP of the Real Time Analysis project at LHCb. She is one of the founders of the Computing Challenges (COMCHA) network in Spain, and executive member of the AIHUB-CSIC. She is part of the ARTEMISA committee at IFIC, a platform based on GPUs for Machine Learning.

Project interests